I have always been fascinated with architectural designs and landscaping. At one point in my life, I have dreamt of becoming one so I will be the one to design my own house. I want a house that is unique and will truly represent my personality. I have a few friends who are into the architecture field and I sometimes bug them out whenever I am in need of some research with regards to house plans and interior designs.

I have a lot of aspirations and "i want to be" moments. I wanted to build one-of-a-kind home communities. Well, I think one whole lifetime is not enough for me to make all my luxurious dreams come true, so I just have to focus on the feasible ones.

Last night, I stumbled upon a magazine featuring many beautiful house designs and modular home plans. I can't believe designers can conceptualize such unique and astounding plans. I hope someday, I'll be able to build a family under a fashionably straight and stylish roof. :)