I woke up early today because of this irritating feeling I always deal with when sleeping on my bed. On the top part of it, I think there is a spring that went lose creating a bulge just right under my back when I sleep on it. I feel so uncomfortable because it gives me backache and a short sleeping time. It's starting to bother me so I decided to save to get a new one. I am actually looking for metal beds online because the structure is sturdy and my friends say that the price is reasonable.

I might buy one of those metal beds instead. Hopefully I will be able to save more this month. That means cutting off some unnecessary expenses like going out to parties and friends at night (laughs). I don't mind spending a lot as long as the products that I buy will give me guaranteed satisfaction. At the same time, it doesn't necessarily mean that the quality of the product will be sacrificed just because it sells cheap.