When I was a student, there were several moments in where I have taken education for granted. It's only now that I realized how important education is to everyone. Contrary to popular belief that the sole reason for studying is to survive the future, there are in fact a number of reasons why education is a treasure.

Education shapes the overall personality, that when you compare the uneducated to the educated, you can clearly tell the difference and determine that the latter is way above and beyond the former in terms of judgment, decision-making and management.

I have dealt with different kinds of people and all walks of life and obviously people with formal schooling and some who went astray. Our government should allot time and focus on this matter because as what our national hero once said, "The youth is the hope of the nation."

We can stop ignorance by teaching others the value of education and by being an instrument to educate. As students, do not take learning for granted as it is a great armor you'll have to carry on with you in the future. Also with the wonders of the Web, real online degrees are now available for those who are into home based studying.