I was busy the whole day today because I had to finish a project that was assigned to me two weeks ago. Can you believe that? I managed to go out on a trip knowing I still have a pending project waiting on my table! That sucks, right? (Laughs.)

Actually, it was just an easy design plan and I knew I can finish it just in time before the deadline that's why I was relaxed and I held on to my horses that long. Right after I was done, I went to the nearest mall and bought ink cartridge for my printer because I had to send them right away to my boss for approval. Guess what? The store has special promotion so I even got a Discount Printer Ink.

Because I got a discount, I bought a few more ink cartridges to take advantage of the special offer. So that's about it, I already sent my finished project right into the office of my boss a few hours ago and headed on to the nearest Starbucks afterwards for a sip of my favorite caramel macchiato. I guess today is just my lucky day that is why I am attracting all the positive vibes.