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I recently heard the news about the sudden vanishing of Jacques D'Azur- the famous French film director/ producer/ actor/ tennis player/ chess master/ backgammon champion/ waterskiing pioneer and full time bon-vivant known for his work on the red carpets, swimming pools, and silk sheets of the French Riviera. According to the news, he went on a vacation (which he usually does every year as a pre-Cannes Film Festival vacation) on a yacht and went over a sea near Tahiti. And since then, no one was able to tell his whereabouts.

For your information, Jacques D'Azur is a very popular personality in the French films because he has portrayed a lot of leading roles on different movies during his time. In fact, he is known to a lot of titles such as "Legend of Cannes", "God among men" and "movie stars' movie star".

As of the moment, Cannes Film Festival's official partner, Stella Artois 4% is currently doing actions to find the missing legend. A website was even established just for the public to be informed about Jacques D'Azur. They are encouraging everyone to take part in doing actions to at least find a legitimate heir of the missing Jacques D'Azur to go to the Cannes in his place.

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