I was home alone yesterday and I got bored so I decided to go Mall of Asia since it's just a few kilometers away from my condo. Yeah, I know it's a Saturday so you will normally see a lot of crowd in the malls spending time with their families and dear ones. Well, to avoid the swarming crowd inside the mall, I just went inside a coffee shop and browsed the net for a about an hour or two. After a sip of caramel macchiato, I hopped on to some of the optical stores nearby and window-shopped for some latest eye glasses and eye wears.

I kink of liked the plastic eyeglasses that I see online because they are light weight and will not stress my nose bridge that much even if I wear it the whole day. My existing eyeglasses is actually made of plastic and I have been using this since college because it is comfortable and stylish. If ever I will be replacing this one, I would go for the plastic eye glasses as well.