I went to my former school just this afternoon and requested a copy of my credentials as I will need them in the processing of my possible promotion at work. As I was walking through the streets just outside my school, I happen to pass by the old Sapang Balen creek and I was so surprised to see that the garbage-filled creek way back years ago is now unbelievably trash free. Well not actually free from trash but it is way better than before - and still improving. I am now convinced that it really is a creek because all these years, I always have the impression that it is a dump site for garbage.

Well thanks to the Holy Rosary Parish led by our beloved Bishop, Father Pablo 'Ambo' David. He spearheaded this campaign this 2009 if I'm not mistaken. Now, along with the many volunteers, every segment of the creek is now being revived and cleaned on a regular basis. When I attended the mass few weeks ago, Father Ambo was very proud to announce the overwhelming success of the project.

I salute my fellow Kapampangans for actively participating and supporting such campaign. I hope this kind of initiative will continue to live in our next generations to come. I will take a picture of it next time so you can see it.