This year will be a quite busy year for me since I need to put more time and energy on our new business. Also, about four of my friends will get married this 2010. So as usual, I will be helping them in organizing and preparing for the big celebrations of their lives. The first wedding that I will attend will be this coming March.

My best friend asked me a favor if I could handle the designing of cheap wedding invitations since I am known to the group as the computer geek. Of course, I have no choice but to say yes. I have a not-so-expensive talent fee, by the way. (Kidding!) Anyway, I might be considering those wedding invitations advertised on one of my trusted sites. They have a wide range od beautiful design layouts which I am sure my friend will love.

Next thing I need to do is to inquire about the ordering process and delivery to make sure it will reach the guests' hands just before the wedding day. I am excited for this! It is during these times that the flexible and dynamic me is being unleashed (Lol).