I have been using my eyeglasses since college. I only replace the lens every time I upgrade. That was way back in college when I noticed that my vision is getting poor so I had them check and they were measured to have a lens grade of 75-75. To date, I think I now have 150-150, because the lenses that I am using for more than a year now are already 125-125 without astigmatism.

Anyway, I might visit my optometrist of these days to ask for an advice on what are the things I need to consider when I upgrade on lenses. I will also look for new eyeglasses frames so I can replace the old one. I heard from a friend that there are great offers online because of the framesdirect.com coupons that can be availed to get discounts and price slashes. I hope we also have something like that here in the country so I can save money when I do upgrades on my eyeglasses.

Well, that about it for now, I just wanted to share something to my readers while I am not doing anything at home. I am just counting sheep for me to fall asleep. :)