My friends and I might move to Manila and settle there for quite a while. One of my friends is offering her condo unit somewhere along Shaw Boulevard since she's the only one who stays there. With that, I saw a great opportunity of getting a better job in Manila. As early as now, I am already applying to online job portals and might do walk-in applications once I'm there.

Yesterday, I bought a new printer cartridge since I will need a lot of printed resumes. I have to prepare all of theses job-hunting requirements so that when we're already settled in Manila, I can start the job search as soon as I can.

My printer will have to work harder for me now because it will need to print a lot of documents for me. Thanks to my newly purchased ink cartridge, I can print better quality documents and images anytime. I don't have to pay for expensive printing services. I just hope that my printer won't screw up because of over fatigue (laughs!).