Last week, I received a package in the mail from my friend who is getting married next month. At first, I had no idea what the package was all about. I was actually expecting something like an invitation card but not a small box from her. I quickly opened the box and found that it is a wedding favor in the form of a fridge magnet with two save the date postcards attached through it for me and my other friend who is just two blocks away from our home.

I am quite excited and emotional for my friend because in just a few weeks, she will be entering into a new stage in life along with her husband to-be. I will definitely save the date of her wedding day and make sure I will cut all my appointments and project two days before the ceremony so I can be at my most-prepared self. I am looking forward to attending the event!

I will post some pictures from the event and the reception, of course. Hopefully by then, I already have a new lens for my DSLR camera. I guess I have to be very strict on my spending from this day forward.