Just last month, I bought a mini refrigerator about 3 or 4 cubic feet, I think. At first, I was kind of enjoying the fridge because during the first few weeks because it is so cute and it only occupies a small portion of our kitchen. However, I started to feel annoyed about it the past couple of days. Why? Because the freezer room is quite small that we can't store much frozen goods inside. In turn, we had to go to the grocery store like every other day just to buy meat and all that.

So right now, I am thinking of selling my one-month old fridge so I can get a bigger one. The unit is as good as new and I guarantee you that it is 100% functional. Aside from the fridge, if you buy it, you get to have freebies as well because I am giving away the refrigerator magnets (laughs). Kidding aside, if anyone of you (or you know someone) who is planning of getting a mini ref, you might want to buy mine and it's way cheaper than it's original price (definitely!).