I enjoyed the final concert of the Up With People Cast A 2010 last April 18 2010, Sunday. The event was held at Resorts World at the newest wing of New Ports City just near NAIA Terminal 3. Although we came in a little late, we still managed to get front seats (thanks to Jamie because they came earlier and reserved seats for us).

Resorts World is the major sponsor for this event. It is a pretty huge resort hotel with an entertainment section for those who love sport bet and gaming.

The Up With People cast performed so well and I am so proud of them especially our friends Paul Rush, Kyle DeGraff and Michael Roudebush. We really didn't expect that the three boys have their own lead performances on the show - and they're so good! We're proud of their performances. Kyle and Mike did a lot of singing and dancing. Paul was the lead guitarist and on the latter part of the show, he did a song number, too.

Sadly, it was their last day here in the Philippines and they will be leaving for the US right after the show. We will miss the cast and we hope to see them again real soon. Until next time guys!

Up With People Cast A 2010 Philippine Concert

Paul Rush

Kyle DeGRaff

Jamie Susara, Camila Lonnevig and Me

Jules Mariano, Kyle DeGraff, Paul Rush and me

With Kyle and Michael singing "Tuwing Umuulan"