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Typhoon Ondoy effects of CLimate ChangeThe past few weeks, there have been a lot of thunder storms and strong typhoons that came into the country’s area of responsibility. And all of us were witnesses to the damage it brought to the whole nation. It left the country with a scar that will forever be marked in every people.

All of us are starting to get worried on this strange weather activity. This probably is one of the effects of climate change which is so disturbing. We never know what lies ahead. What we can do right now is to protect the environment and always think first on the consequences of the things that we are about to do.

Remember that whatever we sow today will be reaped tomorrow. Let us not put the generations to come at risk. Start today. Start from yourself.

Typhoon Ondoy effects of CLimate Change

It's a heart pounding day today for me especially those who took the October 26, 27 Electronics Engineering Board Exam administered by the Professional Regulation Commission.

I have a lot of friends who took park on the exam and I am praying for their success. I know it is not an easy exam but it only takes courage to surpass this trial.

To my friends who are sweating and bothered waiting for the results, just stay calm and condition yourself. My advice is to do other things for the meantime so you won't be stuck on worrying. Good luck.