A certain Rich Vincent C. Arocena who is also from the Philippines caught my attention today. Mr. Arocena used two of my photos for a contest which is run by the National Geographic Channel Asia. He removed/cropped my watermarked name on the photos. Mr. Arocena never asked for permission regarding the use of my photos and he even claimed them as his. Good thing I was able to get a screenshot of his Facebook post before he even managed to remove it.

I believe that this bad behavior of Rich Vincent C. Arocena should be given proper actions and a sincere apology. We are ready to file formal legal complaints against Mr. Arocena but we would like to seek legal advices first before we proceed.

Here are two of my photos that he used without my permission and claimed them as his shots.

Greeting cards are an excellent way to convey our best wishes to someone else, greeting or even condolence. Of course, this will require us to purchase or design and in some cases print various cards for each purpose.

But of course there is always someone who thinks in practical and thus a few ingenious and creative minds were born to make simpler for us and in most instances these minds use all kinds of circumstances to aim for saving time, money and headaches.

Now, anyone can easily send their greetings and best wishes to anyone around the world though greeting cards. Different types of cards like Hanukkah cards, birthday cards, Christmas cards and many more so you can instantly send your greetings of Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Congratulations, Happy Anniversary, My deepest condolences, Happy Mother's Day, Father's Day, Get well soon, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Ramadan and any greetings you have in mind.

In my clarification I have found it to be very interesting and fun, of course remains to be seen what the recipient will feel whenever he or she receives a greeting card. Because, come on, I am sure anyone would feel special.

Printing of cards has come a long way since 1861 when John P. Charlton first patented the postcard in Philadelphia. The medium offers a lot of effects these days and can be used for both personal and business purposes. It even has an electronic version containing a large amount of graphics and animations.

People have seen the potential of this medium have been used in many ways. Sending your love to your family and acquaintances that live far has become more creative by using postcard printing and mailing. Even to this day when people are equipped with the latest gadgets that can send images instantly to people around the world, postcards still bring a different feeling. It's more personal. It is most felt.

For this reason, employers have learned to obtain the advantages offered by post. On the one hand, it is an accessible route. They may have their cards printed and even customized to fit each customer's preferences. Y cards can be used in different ways to help the employer so they want to be served.

The craze in Europe has finally come to America. With the modern design and style that might come in handy for any bedroom, you will find a platform bed that you can match your decor. The benefits of contemporary design go beyond what meets the eye.

Contemporary design is not the only one who can enter perfectly into your lifestyle, price it may please. Although the platform beds are now the hottest thing to show at home, they are also really cheap and will definitely match all forms of bedroom dressers.

With the simplicity of contemporary design comes the versatility and ease of maintenance. Whether you're looking to replace your existing bedroom dresser or if you are looking for a whole bedroom, this design is perfect for any occasion. Being so versatile, the elements can be combined with any game that already has a bedroom or is looking to buy. Complement any style and can be decorated to something more modern or more toward warm and inviting depending on your taste.

The contemporary style will allow you to feel good and convenient. This makes them suitable for those pillows and bedding you want to keep around to use when they want, without having to take place in the closet or somewhere else in the house. No matter what you use, that you can add charm and character to the entire bedroom.

Wood blinds are a good choice in a calm exterior and are also quite decorative, especially when it comes to country houses or villas, but a little less safe than the security shutters, which fixes them up with other products.

The only problem with cheap wooden venetian blinds is that they require major maintenance. Wood blinds lose brilliance over time, weaken and if we do not choose what material, we run the risk of giving in to the weather conditions.

Against all these things that we cannot do, what is certain is that with a little effort, and a simple caution once a month, we can get the blinds to never lose their luster and so that they may become much more resistant to external conditions and also retain their original look longer.

All you need is a bit of linseed oil and soft cloth. Soak the cloth with the oil and pass with care for each of the wooden slats of the blind and the structure of this. Do this at least once a month and you will see notes of clear difference. By the time we see small holes appearing on the blind. That is the time to make a woodworm treatment which we can find in any DIY shop.

Google has been and is a pioneer in changing and modifying the way we seek and find things online. It boasts the largest search engine and from its humble beginnings back in 98 in the garage of their creators Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two university students graduate from the University of Stanford, has not stopped "reinvented."

Before Google, when users do a search, they spend much time looking at pages with results that approached most occasions they sought. Search engines like Lycos, Altavista, Excite, Hotbot, Ozu, Webcrawler, Infoseek, Ask and WebFerret offered results based on words containing the pages, but not page rank, the algorithm organized Internet. In many cases, those words had nothing to do with the content of the site, which complicated navigation and involved quite a big waste of time.

The PageRank calculates the importance of the web as a function of many variables. It is a numerical value representing the level of popularity of a Web site to Google. With the SEO Page Rank has lost some followers because many believe that it is useless a page rank higher if you do not appear in good positions in search engines.

Hiring an seo company or making our own can make our web to get positioned between the first results that we provide the search engines. As I mentioned at the outset to be cautious and careful about how we do it, well informed, and choosing a good company that makes us a reliable service and because with the boom in demand there are also many scams and "promises" that many cases do not come to realization.

Like all companies who are in full progress in both Technology and design as well as innovation, the firm Toyota did not want to be left behind of course, and one of its car brands, Lexus has announced new developments to be made to the range of cars more accessible to the client, the Lexus IS. Among these advances, the new feature is that it adds a new motor 2-liter diesel, which is a less powerful turbo 220 that currently has.

This trend will have a formal presentation on the International Motor Show Paris next October, and is expected to sell in the market place before the end of this year. As for what we all are wondering, that is, its price, company Japan just announced the rate for the UK, but still remains to be seen what will be the highest price in other countries.

With the inclusion of the new diesel engine 2, liters which replaces the previous most powerful, consumption is lowered emissions and also the price, as the engine of 2,000 cc diesel engine delivers 150 horsepower and has a torque of 340 Nm. Furthermore the apparatus is coupled to a gearbox 6-speed manual, which according to data provided by the company, can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 10.2 seconds and reach 205 kilometers per hour maximum speed.

On the other hand it should be noted that the new model IS 200d, consumes an average of about 5.1 liters per 100 kilometers and reduces emissions compared to the previous model 220d, and it promises to deliver 134 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

Perhaps the most important to cover when traveling is the medical care. Before embarking on a trip, make sure that it takes good care of the coverage, especially if the trip is outside the country.

However, there are situations that can ruin our much awaited holiday, such as loss or theft of baggage or the need to cancel the vacation for some unforeseen way. Not everyone can provide so it is advisable to have cover any contingency that we avoid the occasional annoyance, and in some cases, an appreciable saving money.

Before you decide of finally getting the insurance company, pay extra attention to exclusions (things not covered by insurance) set by the private health insurance and if there is any excess (the insurance only covers from a given quantity)

Remember however, that it is possible that in some policy which has already contracted (multi-risk household insurance cards, etc..) Is provided for travel assistance. In some cases, these insurance policies sometimes include in their luggage insurance coverage. Check them out before buying the travel insurance may not need it!

Finally you just have to know where to contact the travel insurance. Well, in most cases it will be the travel agent that will facilitate the possibilities. Yet here is a list of companies you can hire your insurance.

Truth is, it i hard to keep a blog. It takes perseverance, dedication and above all, a lot of time.
The fact is that while I was thinking about writing this post, I happened to write a small Decalogue action to make your blog a successful one and I will try to carry them out over this post to see what we got. Also you can give me your recommendations if you wish to share something.

Five Commandments for a successful blog :

1. Write quality content: This is most important; perhaps this can sometimes be a deterrent because you our own demand make it increasingly harder to find topics that we think are of interest.

2. Know to whom you write: Sometimes know who we read, but if you know what kind of audience you'd reach, so you know talk to them in their language.

3. Write regularly: This is the most complicated, takes responsibility for writing one, two post every week, and go gradually increased the regularity , the more you scribes more public will attract. If you feel you don’t have much time writing articles, there are always websites that offer free articles like Science and Technology Articles, news, social media and many more which you can instantly publish.

4. Have sense of humor: Put a few touches of humor to your post and surely, they will be well received. Blogs stand out for their relaxed and informal language. So, go ahead and put a smile on the face of your readers.

5. Be the first to say something: This is really hard, but stay current and abreast of the latest trends, news and issues helps your blog as a reference. Learn, navigate and breathe from the latest news sources.

The marketplace offers a wide variety of window blinds unlike other countries, in which this type of window curtain that come in different shapes and materials only exists in a few cities. At present, one that is getting increased demand is the so-called Venetian blinds. Its design and good-looking appearance are two determining characteristics for being a top choice in addition to its functionality by allowing you to modify the amount of sunlight that you want to tolerate in the cockpit.

There Venetian blinds made of diverse materials such as aluminum and wood, but more used often the PVC , since they are lighter and easier to clean and, well, they also allow, such as aluminum, to be bent slightly to look through the window without raising the shade. Window blinds also come in numerous color and can also be decorated according to personal taste of each. It is therefore advisable to use paint resistant spray, which can be equipped with a modern touch or bring them to decorate the nursery, for example.

Also, due to the ease and low noise with that rise and fall, can be used as a divider room or different spaces, or set them as "doors" of furniture, as it fits well in settings and decorations modern.

Here I am again discussing some issues regarding website development and SEO. For this post, let me go over again some important points on web hosting and how to get the right one that will fit your website's requirements. You have to consider the bandwidth capacity, uptime percentage, and number of email accounts that can be used and many others that comes along with the service. Most companies prefer unlimited features as opposed to the limited ones; however, they are a bit expensive, of course.

Web hosting is a common issue to most people who are into blogging or website management. In layman's term, a web host is an important tool that is responsible in making a website accessible online by placing it on the Internet. And because the use of the Internet is getting popular day by day in finding products or services they want to take advantage of, having a trusted web host is becoming critical.

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Safety is everybody's major concern. I mean, nobody wants to take this for granted because we only have but one, precious life. With that, it is always important to always be on the look out to the things that we do as well as the things surrounding us. And that includes the things we normally use each day.

People with disability or handicapped are usually the ones that require the assistance of a mobility and accessibility equipment like wheelchairs, stair lifts, and the like. The lives of the disabled rely mostly with the equipment that they are using on a daily basis. With that, it is important to make sure what they are using are safe, reliable and passed the quality standard.

NMEDA is an Association of Mobility Dealers, Manufacturers and Rehabilitation Professionals that promotes safe driving and provides state-of-the-art vehicles that are 100% reliable and are improved to offer high quality accessibility for all people. You may visit their website to learn more about the organization, its members along with their products and services.

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Coca Cola-Powered Mobile Phone by Daizi Zheng, Cell Phone that runs on coke soda, Sugar-powered gadgets, bio-batteryChemical waste produced by batteries is a one serious matter that adds up to the global threat. Almost every segment of our lifestyle is immersed into electronic gadgets like cell phones and laptops.

There are a lot of "pro-green" inventors that concentrated into finding ways and solution to reduce our garbage production. One of them is Daizi Zheng who conceptualized for Nokia a mobile phone that runs on coke. On a more technical side, the phone is able to extract energy from the soda and generates electricity because of the carbohydrate (sugar) content from enzymes that act as catalyst.

Zheng said that the traditional litium batteries are way too expensive than his invention. Well, that's because coke (any sweet soda) is everywhere (laughs). And by the way, this bio-battery can last up to four times than the traditional Li-ions.

Coca Cola-Powered Mobile Phone by Daizi Zheng, Cell Phone that runs on coke soda, Sugar-powered gadgets, bio-battery

stop hurting animals, animal cruelty, dog fighting, stophurtinganimals.comCruelty to animals is becoming one major concern today in line with human abuse and sexual harassment. A lot have been doing animal killings just for the sake of business. We have to realize that just like humans, brutal killings to these animals is immoral and should not be tolerated.

By showing that you care for this issue, I encourage you to sign your petition at and let's all create a big voice for the world to to hear and realize that we can stop this social cancer from spreading especially that from China in which they are raising animals for their furs.

The campaign needs our support to stop unethical animal torture and abuse.

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Social media has become a community where people are now mostly hanging out during their free time. Actually, it is now a necessity in the mobile lifestyle that we have today. People of all walks of life are getting hooked into the social networks.

For this reason, a lot of businesses find this as a great opportunity to market their products online and establish ecommerce sites. Venturing into this kind of technique is very essential to businesses as it is proven to be an important factor that increases sales turn-around. Incorporating your business with social media also helps build the reputation of the company faster as it provides an overwhelming exposure like no other.


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