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One of my dream rides is a macho motor bike from Harley, Ducati or Yamaha. Ever since I was a kid, I have always known how to ride a motor bike because my dad owned one which I frequently used to stroll around our city. And now, my brother got a new 2009 model Yamaha XJR1300 which I am so envious about! I went drooling over it the first time I saw it. Can you imagine all the hot chicks in town doing a head-turn towards you if you are riding this hot screaming mama?

I want one, too! Anyway, I can probably sneak out and ride it down whenever he's not around (laughs). By the way, in the previous New Year celebration, we only used the bike in participating with the noise barrage. The squeaking jet sound of the bike alone is enough to make noise around the radius of our house.

Arrgghh! I will save one to get a bike like this, too!

Yamaha XJR1300 Motor Bike, Jonathan Alberto, Jaypee David JAYtography taken using Nikon D3000
Yamaha XJR1300 Motor Bike, Jonathan Alberto, Jaypee David JAYtography taken using Nikon D3000
Yamaha XJR1300 Motor Bike, Jonathan Alberto, Jaypee David JAYtography taken using Nikon D3000

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Tony's Pizza. All opinions are 100% mine.

I guess pizza is everybody's favorite whether as a snack for family bonding or just simply enjoy this famous Italian food all alone. As for me, I love spending my day at home by watching DVD movies and TV series. With that, I always make sure that I have some frozen pizzas in my fridge ready to be served. I always prefer buying frozen pizzas rather than calling for delivery because it is much more convenient and cheaper. At least I don't have to call to order pizza and wait for it to be delivered. With frozen pizza, all I have to do is to heat it in the oven and voila, it's ready to be served!

In line with this, Tony's Pizza is running a special promotion to pizza and bowling fans. If you purchase specially marked Tony's Pizza, you can get a coupon that will let you bowl for free. Tony's pizzas come in many different great-tasting frozen pizzas that are perfect to have as snacks while bowling, watching movies at home, after basketball or at any occasion that you feel like eating one. Check on Tony's Pizza website now to learn more about their products and promo.

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Most newbie blog owners (and I was one of them) are getting confused about this terminology. Some can't even state a clear definition of what a web host is since most of the blogging platforms provide the service for free in the registration process so there is no need to learn about it in the first place if you just simply want to write an article and post it on your blog. However, if you are getting serious into blogging or website development, it is always an advantage to be familiar with the ins and outs of web site hosting as this will sever as the skeleton or the power source of the web site.

As the demand for services in the Internet continues to grow, companies offering web hosting are increasing as well, offering different features depending on the website owner's requirements. Some of the popular packages are domain hosting and dedicated hosting. It is important to remember that getting a web host provider is critical as you have to consider a lot of things like the disk space, bandwidth, server-side functionalities and many other things. To get the right one for your site, it is always best to conducts studies and research before making the final decision. There are a lot of web sites that offer comprehensive reviews and ratings of the best web hosting providers on the World Wide Web.

Photography Hobby of Jaypee David using Nikon D3000 DSLR Camera bought from Mayer Photo in Hidalgo, Quiapo ManilaI started to get engaged into photography about a year ago when I first had my point and shoot digital camera. I remember I would always shoot at anything or anyone that I found interesting. I had no idea that this photography hobby that I went through would be so much expensive. When I bought my first DSLR, I thought that I would be all set and would fully enjoy the photography thingy, but I was wrong.

One of my mentors when it comes to this hobby has always been persistent in telling me that Photography is a very expensive fad. Mind you, he even gave me that sermon with a serious face. But of course, since it's his first love, too, he totally understands each and every one why they keep on falling in love with this diversion.

Seems like my newly bought camera isn't enough anymore when I do photo shoots. Turns out that what I bought was just the starter gadget and a lot of future investments for sure, are on its way (external flash, larger memory stick, lenses and many more lenses). OMG, it's screwing up all of my savings! (laughs).

Now, I am starting to feel that the more I capture and take photographs, the more satisfying and addicting it becomes. And there is this feeling that I would never want to go anywhere without my camera with me. My camera has become my companion, my teacher and my stress-reliever. It's an outlet in expressing myself and my thoughts.

Most parts of the world are still experiencing hardships right now due to the long term effect of the global financial and economic crisis. One has to be wise enough today to handle their properties and finances especially those who have their own businesses so as not to result into bankruptcy.

My aunt who has been working for years now in a Utah bankruptcy company has told me that most of their clients are first time business owners that failed to handle their businesses well and resulted into bankruptcy. What they do in the company where my aunt works for is they give counselling and awareness program so they can quickly recover from their financial status.

My aunt also handles a website that lets you do searches of bankruptcy records throughout the state. I am excited to visit my aunt sometime next year. She said that she will take us to her company and introduce me to her boss. I just hope that I will fit in a job position in their company.

A few days ago, I mentioned about my plans of getting a new pair of prescription eye glasses to upgrade my "vision grade" (if that's what you call it). So, yesterday, I started searching and scouting for discounts online.

Actually, one of the best places to get a pair of eye glasses is through the Internet. You don't have to experience the very exhausting malls because all you have to do is to face your computer, order and voila! The product you need will be delivered right into your doorstep.

So for this case, I will definitely order my eye glasses online once I get my paycheck. However, I still haven't decided yet on which design to choose because those beautiful ones I saw online are tearing me apart. :) If you guys have suggestions, please le time know okay because I really need to replace this old pair of mine as soon as possible. Well, good luck to me.

My friends and I might move to Manila and settle there for quite a while. One of my friends is offering her condo unit somewhere along Shaw Boulevard since she's the only one who stays there. With that, I saw a great opportunity of getting a better job in Manila. As early as now, I am already applying to online job portals and might do walk-in applications once I'm there.

Yesterday, I bought a new printer cartridge since I will need a lot of printed resumes. I have to prepare all of theses job-hunting requirements so that when we're already settled in Manila, I can start the job search as soon as I can.

My printer will have to work harder for me now because it will need to print a lot of documents for me. Thanks to my newly purchased ink cartridge, I can print better quality documents and images anytime. I don't have to pay for expensive printing services. I just hope that my printer won't screw up because of over fatigue (laughs!).