The marketplace offers a wide variety of window blinds unlike other countries, in which this type of window curtain that come in different shapes and materials only exists in a few cities. At present, one that is getting increased demand is the so-called Venetian blinds. Its design and good-looking appearance are two determining characteristics for being a top choice in addition to its functionality by allowing you to modify the amount of sunlight that you want to tolerate in the cockpit.

There Venetian blinds made of diverse materials such as aluminum and wood, but more used often the PVC , since they are lighter and easier to clean and, well, they also allow, such as aluminum, to be bent slightly to look through the window without raising the shade. Window blinds also come in numerous color and can also be decorated according to personal taste of each. It is therefore advisable to use paint resistant spray, which can be equipped with a modern touch or bring them to decorate the nursery, for example.

Also, due to the ease and low noise with that rise and fall, can be used as a divider room or different spaces, or set them as "doors" of furniture, as it fits well in settings and decorations modern.