Wood blinds are a good choice in a calm exterior and are also quite decorative, especially when it comes to country houses or villas, but a little less safe than the security shutters, which fixes them up with other products.

The only problem with cheap wooden venetian blinds is that they require major maintenance. Wood blinds lose brilliance over time, weaken and if we do not choose what material, we run the risk of giving in to the weather conditions.

Against all these things that we cannot do, what is certain is that with a little effort, and a simple caution once a month, we can get the blinds to never lose their luster and so that they may become much more resistant to external conditions and also retain their original look longer.

All you need is a bit of linseed oil and soft cloth. Soak the cloth with the oil and pass with care for each of the wooden slats of the blind and the structure of this. Do this at least once a month and you will see notes of clear difference. By the time we see small holes appearing on the blind. That is the time to make a woodworm treatment which we can find in any DIY shop.