Perhaps the most important to cover when traveling is the medical care. Before embarking on a trip, make sure that it takes good care of the coverage, especially if the trip is outside the country.

However, there are situations that can ruin our much awaited holiday, such as loss or theft of baggage or the need to cancel the vacation for some unforeseen way. Not everyone can provide so it is advisable to have cover any contingency that we avoid the occasional annoyance, and in some cases, an appreciable saving money.

Before you decide of finally getting the insurance company, pay extra attention to exclusions (things not covered by insurance) set by the private health insurance and if there is any excess (the insurance only covers from a given quantity)

Remember however, that it is possible that in some policy which has already contracted (multi-risk household insurance cards, etc..) Is provided for travel assistance. In some cases, these insurance policies sometimes include in their luggage insurance coverage. Check them out before buying the travel insurance may not need it!

Finally you just have to know where to contact the travel insurance. Well, in most cases it will be the travel agent that will facilitate the possibilities. Yet here is a list of companies you can hire your insurance.